Sunday, June 3, 2012

Backdated posts on Holidays - Desaru Aug 2011

Back in August 2011, we drove for the first time into Malaysia with the kids. My parents went along with us in their own car. I was initially very apprehensive about driving into Malaysia as I have heard so many stories about robbers targeting Singapore cars and accidents along the highways. But it turned out to be a very fruitful trip. We took the new highway from JB down to Desaru and the whole trip took less than 2 hours. Glad that the kids were very cooperative. As usual, Kaelyn fell ill during the trip but nevertheless she still enjoyed herself. First stop - Ostrich Farm
Kaelyn enjoying herself in the hammock
Firefly tour
Fruit farm tour
Bed time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting back to blogging and outdated posts

I am close to abandoning my blog, it seems - last post was a rare appearance by Daddy in September, and a proper one from me in July! And the one before July was March! It is easy to read others' post than to write one myself. And each time I am on my laptop, updating the blog is one of my list of things to do apart from paying the bills. But alas.. it never happens.

It is tough, very tough, juggling busy work, 2 kids, not so competent maid, exercise routine, paying bills etc etc. And my days are consumed by the first 2 things.

Weekdays are for work and if I am lucky, a gym session or 2. When I get home early, the kids will just cling on to me and refuse to let go - while I am eating dinner, bathing (yes, they will be banging on the door when I am in the bathroom), sleeping etc. Kaelyn is a night owl - she sleeps around 10 plus - 11pm and insists that I sleep with her. Most times, I fall asleep before she does. And when she is asleep, I will wake up again to do my own stuff like paying bills, catching up on news, watching some TV, so that will be well into the middle of the night. Sherryn sleeps earlier - around 8.30 - 9 - so most times when I am home, she is already asleep. But she is an early riser and will be my alarm clock at 7am.

Weekends are the same - 2 kids clinging on to me if I am around. As I am writing this, Sherryn is crying for me.

So on average I sleep less than 7 hours a day, work more than 10 hours a day, house is in a big mess, and I have been unsuccessful in losing weight after giving birth as no time to go for a proper workout - cycling trips and swimming with kids are not considered excercise.

I really want to keep this blog going so I can look back years later on their growing up years. Perhaps will just try to keep short updates, and live without any photos. Now I am looking at how I am going to post all those outdated posts like our KL/Genting trip in March, Desaru trip in August, Spain trip in Nov, Christmas shopping, kids development etc. Will somehow find some time.

Friday, September 2, 2011

"pa pa" and "da di"

Sherryn is able to call out "mah mah", "jie jie" and "nai nai" at 18months. She is able to point to the pictures or the person and call out their name.
When I ask her where is "ba ba"? She will look at me and smile.. :)
But when we ask her to call me, she will say "mah mah". We noticed that she can't pronounced "pa" or "ba ba"...
What is amazing is that she is able to call out more complicated words like "jie jie" and "nai nai"!

Suddenly on 20th August(Friday late evening) - she suddenly know how to call "da di" on our bed - yes she refused to sleep on her cord but on our bed. I was surprised..
What is more surprising is that on 21 August - Sat morning, she is able to call "ba ba".
She is equally excited as me and call "ba ba" very happily and then raised her hand and want me to carry her!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

KL and Genting Trip - March 2011

Another long overdue post - KL and Genting family trip in March 2011, started writing in July 2011, and actually posted in Feb 2012!! Talk about procrastination..

This is Sherryn's second trip overseas via plane. As Sherryn's still small, we didnt want to go through 7 hours bus trip from Singapore to Genting, so we opted for a possibly more kids friendly way - fly to KL (1 hour), spend 3 days / 2 nights there, and then take a taxi up to Genting.

Day 1 - Reached KL, Petronas Twin Tower

Day 2 - KL Tower and Aquaria

The Aquaria was quite impressive - I think on par with Singapore Underwater World

Day 3 - Travel from KL to Genting by Taxi. It took close to 2 hours. The roads up to Genting are much wider than I expected.

Day 4 - Genting Theme Park

At night, we went to watch a peformance. Quite interesting, a mixture of acrobatics, singing and dancing. Kaelyn enjoyed herself very much.

Day 5 - Took a bus down to the pagoda / buddha, and cable car down to some shops

Day 6 - Home Sweet Home..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hectic week - an overdue post from July

This has been sitting in my draft for several months - since July but only officially posted in Nov / Dec.

It has been a super duper hectic week for me. I am on 2 weeks leave because my helper of 4 years is leaving us, and I have a new helper in. My parents and mother in law are on holiday, and David is studying for an exam. That leaves only me to settle all maid matters, ferry Kaelyn to and from school, play with Sherryn, prepare for Kaelyn's birthday celebration (which is coming up soon)... I am bushed!

Among the hustle and bustle, I had a minor accident - I knocked my right side mirror into the back of a truck. Had to spend the entire morning getting it fixed, while having Sherryn with me and in the midst of settling new helper documents and old helper's leaving papers..

Then on the day our old helper is to leave for Philippines, Kaelyn and I sent her to the airport. We said our goodbyes at the departure gate. But the maid took a long while to clear customs and eventually was accompanied out by an Immigration officer to look for me. The lady was very stern when questioning whether I was her employer and was almost interrogating me on why I hadnt informed MOM on my maid's departure etc. My maid had asked for a transfer to another household (as she initially didnt want to look after kids and wanted everyweek off etc) and we got an agent to arrange for the transfer. Had her work permit extended for another month to bridge the new maid's arrival as well. But didnt know we had to inform MOM if we were to send her back within the one month extension period.

Hence had to ferry the maid back home, to the amazement of David and the new maid, quarrel with the agency and asked then to compensate for the air tickets etc. But eventually she managed to go back home for 2 weeks after starting 1 week at the new employer's place.

For the next few weeks / months, we will have to start from scratch again training the new maid - who doesnt look as bright as the previous one. But we will see.

An update in Nov - Kids took to previous maid's departure very well and are very comfortable with the new maid already. At least one concern out of the way. But as I mentioned, new maid is not as bright and doesnt think out of the box. But at least she is generally good to the kids.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sherryn at 19 months

Sherryn at 19 months.

1) She is aggressive!
Sherryn is no pushover. Whenever Kaelyn snatches her toy / book from her, she makes a big fuss and will come complaining to us. She would push her big sister and even hit her!

2) She is starting to speak
But only limited words. She says is able to call out Mama, Papa, Yeye, Nainai, Jiejie, Popo very well. Gong gong is 'ho ho', and Ah yee (my sis) is 'Yayee'. 'Mmmmouse' for Mickey / Minnie mouse, 'Duck' for Donald / Daisy and other real ducks, as well as for everything else. She can say 'Where?' (with a gesture as well) if looking for something or someone. And 'There' when the thing is found.

3) She likes to play peek a boo
She will hide behind a wall, a blanket, a book, the curtains or anything she finds and expects us to look for her. And when we do, she squeals aloud in delight.

4) She loves to go for a walk outside
Many a times she will point to the shoe cabinet and ask us to open the cabinet so she can get her shoes to wear outside. And she will stand at the gate and shout for someone to bring her out.

5) She starts to have an interest in books
When she was younger, she had no interest in books at all. But starting from a few months back, she will bring us books and points to the pictures and words and expects us to read to her.

6) She recognises the family members
She is able to point to family members when we ask.

7) She understands instructions and what we tell her
Although she doesnt speak much, she fully understands most of the things we tell her. The word that she is most afraid of now is 'Sleep'!

8) She can complete an animal puzzle by herself, and wear her own shoe.

9) She is still mainly on porridge but is able to eat other solid foods like bread, rice.

Pictures will follow and be updated at a later stage..

Kaelyn at 3 years 11 months 25 days

After such a long hiatus, a few things prompted me to write again - changes / developments happening in the kids, as well as a slew of unlucky / unfortunate events that hit me this week..

First will be about the kids - starting with Kaelyn.

Kaelyn's 5 days shy of her 4th birthday. She has been growing and changing so much that sometimes I am really surprised by what I see and hear from her.

1) She can write!
She can write all the alphabets both capital and small letters.
She can spell and write her own name, as well as 'Mama'.

2) She can read Mandarin books!
Her school taught them to read a series of Chinese books about a brother and sister and their family. I thought it was quite difficult for a 4 year old. There are words like 'read books', 'eat rice', parts of the bodies, family relations etc. But she managed to read all those words (or rather memorised them)! Amazed at what they learn in childcare!

3) She can draw (rather well)!
I am surprised by her creativity in drawing. She is a left hander - so it makes her a more creative person perhaps? I dont know where she learnt how to draw from, but I definitely did not have this ability when I was 4!

A caterpillar in ballet costume

4) She tells me about her dreams
She is at this age where she could articulate what she dreams about at night. It is always surrounding me and David, or other family members and the helper.

5) She still likes to pose for photos
Dont know where she learnt these poses from. Dont think I need to say more about what I think of them...

6) She still loves to dance
We bought X-box Kinect with the Michael Jackson dance DVD, and she loves to play that with us. She can follow the moves 40 - 50% of the time!

This is the monkey dancing in Harvey Norman

7) She is able to articulate her thoughts and sometimes talks like an adult
My helper of 4 years is leaving us and we were prepping her up for a long time, as she has grown very attached to her. She knows that by her birthday, Aunty Venus will not be with us anymore. And one day, she was telling me that she doesnt want her birthday to come 'because Aunty Venus will be going home'. So poor thing, to be linking her birthday to an unhappy event for her...

Another time I was telling her that she used to have a dimple on one of her cheeks but it seems to have disappeared. She replied 'its because I drink a lot of water.'

Very recently, she was reminded by our helper leaving, and we had this conversation in the car.
Me: Kaelyn, Mama is going to fetch a new aunty to our house today ok?
Kaelyn: No, I want Aunty Venus.
Me: But Aunty Venus has to go back to Philippines to see her family and her baby. Her baby misses her you know?
Kaelyn (after thinking for a while): Ok, Aunty Venus can go back to Philippines. She can bring her baby back her to our house. See, I think of one idea already!
Me: Haha... You are very smart, thought of such a great idea (I was really amused). You go back and tell Aunty Venus about this idea ok?
Kaelyn: I already told you about my idea already, I dont want to say again.
Me: ?!?!